Photo credit: Little Silver Photography

Photo credit: Little Silver Photography

The heart of the bakery is our wood fired oven. Built by our lovely friends George and Gordon, with the help of Adam, in beginning of 2016. With no instruction manual but a lot of wood, we learnt over time how to manage the oven. We are so thankful for the support of our first loyal customers who happily bought our 'slightly' darker loaves and patiently waited for the bread to come out the oven.

At the bakery we use our wood-fired oven for everything we produce: from roasting the veg that tops our focaccias and pastries to baking our long fermented sourdough breads. We take our time over all our bread and pastries, trying to develop maximum flavour whilst maintaining the nutritional value. 

We both originally came to this area to start an apprenticeship at Tracebridge Sourdough, Adam in spring 2014 and Fleur in summer 2015.  It was the connection to Katie, Gordon and family, that encouraged us to move from Leeds and Bristol to set up the bakery here in Somerset. 

We were fortunate to cross paths with the creative duo behind Kinlake, who created the video below after spending time with us at the bakery. It tells you a little bit more about our story.

Video by Kinlake /